• How is Pulley different from other managed hosts?

    Unlike other support companies that have unclear service offerings and confusing pricing models, Pulley aims to be the gold standard for WordPress website maintenance and support through unrivaled service, transparent costs, and clear communication.

  • How are maintenance costs calculated?

    All monthly charges should be debited from your account on the 1st of each month. If you require support hours exceeding your support agreement, an electronic communication approving these additional charges will be sent out, which will require your approval before commencing any work. Those additional charges will be added to your next invoice on top of your monthly charge.

  • What is Pulley?

    The team at Pulley has been working with WordPress for years. We’ve designed brands that use it, built custom themes and plugins for it, and have extended it into a variety of web applications. The common theme we all noticed was that after our creations would launch, they tend to disappear. When they came back they were often out of date, insecure, or in need of repair. We wanted secure, fast, and proactive managed hosting and support, but couldn’t seem to find it. So we designed Pulley from the ground up to be that gold standard.

    To learn more, visit our about page here.

  • What services does Pulley provide?

    • Website hosting
    • WordPress updates
    • Daily backups
    • 24/7 website monitoring
    • Server updates
    • SSL certificates
    • Content & site edits
    • Staging and production environments
    • Bug fixes
    • Third-party integrations
    • Theme customization



    • Accessibility – WCAG 2.1 compliance
    • Performance enhancements
  • How does Pulley keep my site safe?

    There are several ways that Pulley keeps your website safe. The biggest one being proactive support and updates to your website, by never letting a plugin, WordPress, or language version fall behind. From there, we perform 24/7 monitoring of your website, where our team is alerted if your site goes down. Finally, by preparing our monthly report for you and your team we are objectively reviewing the entire health of your website.

  • For the time being, please contact us at hello@pulleysupport.com or by calling (845) 562-1234. Please note we require a minimum 6-month commitment when switching to Pulley.

    You can also fill out our contact page here.

  • How do I submit a ticket to Pulley?

    You will have a dedicated support rep that you can directly email with any requests, updates, or questions related to your website. This will be the first individual you meet from Pulley once signing up.

  • How does Pulley handle site migrations?

    Once an initial onboarding call is conducted and all credentials for your website have been obtained by the Pulley team, we will handle your site migration within 5 business days. Details such as your current host, update freezes to the site, and more are discussed and handled on both our sales and onboarding calls.

  • How does billing work?

    At Pulley, there is just one tiered plan that scales based on the amount of time your website requires each month. Your monthly cost is determined by your plan level; the more hours required each month, the lower the cost per hour. If additional hours are needed for that particular month they are billed at .5/hr increments at your hourly rate.

  • How does monthly reporting work?

    Every month you’ll receive an email with a personalized website report. The report details all of the work your dedicated support team has completed that month.

    It’ll also contain how many hours you’ve used, any rollover hours available, recommendations, and suggestions to further improve your site.

  • How do I know if my site is eligible for Pulley?

    If you have a WordPress website and are interested in Pulley, please reach out to us and we can review your website’s eligibility. At this time, we are only supporting WordPress websites with Pulley. Some eligible sites may require a migration fee, while others may receive a discount from our standard monthly costs.

    If your site isn’t eligible, not to worry, we can advise on how to get it up to snuff and will provide recommendations on next steps.

  • What can I use my support time for?

    Content updates, performance updates, feature requests.

  • Do you support other CMS platforms or web apps?

    Not at this time.

  • What if my website is already hosted elsewhere?

    If your website is hosted elsewhere, we will migrate it for you. If you are in contract with your current host for a specified amount of time, please contact us about migrating and how we can help in regards to fees and monthly charges.

  • What is the average response time for a ticket request?

    • For urgent requests, we will respond within 1 hour and on average plan to have these requests resolved within 4 hours unless otherwise notified by your support rep.
    • For low priority requests, we will respond within 4 hours (during the business day) and on average plan to have these requests resolved within 1-2 days unless otherwise notified by your support rep.

    For more details about what is an urgent request, and what is a normal request, please contact us at hello@pulleysupport.com or by calling (845) 562-1234.

  • Why does Pulley require a 6 month commitment?

    When you sign up for Pulley Support, we do a lot of work up front to migrate your website to our platform, optimize it, and give it a performance boost right out of the gate. After that initial optimization, it takes at least 6 months to fully reap the benefits of being on the Pulley platform.