WordPress Maintenance

A healthy website is a well maintained website.

Our WordPress maintenance package covers everything that already exists on your website. This includes updates to your WordPress theme, plugins, core, and all of the day-to-day tasks required for your website to remain fast, healthy, and secure.

Website hosting

Website hosting is included in your Pulley plan on one of our dedicated servers through our partners at WPEngine. We work with WPEngine simply because it is built for WordPress and is one of the fastest, most secure managed hosting platforms available.

Also, if you are already hosted on WPEngine and maintain your own account, you’ll receive a discount on your Pulley support plan.

WordPress updates

We test your site thoroughly prior to each WordPress core update and keep all of your plugins and theme up-to-date.  If there are any potential issues, we’ll advise on how to resolve them quickly.

When done right, you’ll hardly notice these updates (outside of seeing them on your monthly reports).

Daily backups

We back up your site (at least) daily. This ensures that if anything goes wrong, we have a copy and can quickly travel back in time to when it was working with minimal down time.

24/7 WordPress website monitoring

We monitor your WordPress website 24/7 to keep track of things like uptime, resources, or even intrusions to your website, so we know right away if anything is off.

Server updates

Every website has files that live on a physical hard drive somewhere in the world. Our server updates keep the environment your website runs on secure and performant.

We take care of things like testing new PHP versions and handling MySQL updates without you needing to worry about them.

SSL certificates

You know that little lock icon you look for next to a website address when you’re about to pay for something online? (We hope you do!) Well, that signals that the website has an SSL (secure sockets layer), which encrypts and protects data.

These days, Google will rank your site higher if you have one, and quite frankly, everyone should. So we’ve made it a standard included in every Pulley support plan.

WordPress Support

A successful website is a constantly improving website.

Your support plan includes content edits or additions, theme and plugin changes, and custom requests. We even make recommendations to continually improve your website.


Staging & production

Every website we support receives both a staging environment and a production site. This means that any requested changes can be viewed, edited and approved in a private staging environment before going live on the production site.

Content & site edits

We can quickly and easily make edits to your website’s copy, images and videos, as requested.

For example, is the featured photo you uploaded loading slowly? We can compress the image to help it load faster.

Is your site run by e-commerce? We can help add and edit products as needed with a simple call or email.

Bug fixes

Has your site started responding differently than it should? Are your visitors reporting strange behavior? We can get things back on track.

Bugs happen, but they can be fixed relatively easily and we have plenty of experience using the right tools to track them down and squash them quickly.

Third-party integrations

Plugins make WordPress unbelievably flexible. They can also weigh it down and cause things to break.

If your business, like many, requires third party services to be integrated into your website, we can help you find the best option and implement it for you.

Some examples of third-party integrations are Quickbooks, Mailchimp, Salesforce, or even WooCommerce.

Theme customization

Want to customize or update your WordPress theme, change colors, or switch to a new typeface that better suits your brand? That’s covered.

As long as you’re not asking us to redesign a page, or your site for you (we have stellar partners we can recommend for this) then we’ll be happy to help make adjustments to your theme for you.