Setting up your plan

A WordPress maintenance plan that scales to you.

Our simple, tiered plan scales based on the amount of active support and maintenance time your website requires each month.

Setting up your plan only takes a few easy steps, which we’ve outlined below.

Check eligibility

The first step is to see if your website is eligible for Pulley support. We created a simple tool for finding out in about 10 seconds.

Personalize your plan

Get your personalized website report that estimates which WordPress maintenance plan you need. Your plan tier is based on how many hours of work your site requires per month.


Select support time

Choose how many support hours you’d like each month. (Keep our recommendation or change it—up to you!)

Additional WordPress support is great for DIYers who like to have someone to fall back on, busy organizations who need new content added fast, or those who prefer running their business over WordPress updates.

Sign up

Create your account! As soon as you sign up, your new support rep personally reviews your website to confirm you’ve been placed in the right plan tier.

They’ll schedule a call to discuss your plan and get to know you and your website.


Make your website feel at home.

We prep your website for our environment (which is designed for sites like yours) and relocate it there.

Migration includes much needed updates and optimizations like removing vulnerable plug-ins, updating your WordPress core and theme versions, backing up site files, and more.

Review and going live

Review your website in our staging environment and confirm the best time to go live.

Then you’ll wake up one morning with a faster, more secure website and the confidence that you’ve got an entire team behind it. (That’s us.)

Our clients experience an immediate boost in speed and performance once migration is complete. It’s an exciting moment!

Price & timing

The price and time required for migration depends on the complexity of your site and when it was last serviced. But not to worry, this is where our experience really shines. Things move quickly and we stay in communication with you every step of the way.

Pay for migration up front or roll it into your monthly subscription when you sign up for an annual plan—whatever works for you.

Ongoing support

Putting the "person" in "personalized" support

When you sign up with Pulley, you get your own dedicated support manager—a real human being who you can talk to!—who knows your site, communicates regularly, and gets things done quickly.

See what’s included in your ongoing support and maintenance below.


Set up regular calls with your support manager based on your schedule to stay updated on your site and plan any major changes down the road.



Once your website is in our hands, most maintenance happens without you having to think about it. We keep your site updated, secure, and bug-free by performing routine maintenance tasks like the ones detailed here.

If you have a specific request, you can always call or send a ticket directly to your support manager.


Additional support isn’t required, but we find that a couple of extra hours each month can alleviate a load of stress off of busy website managers who can use a little help.

When you’re ready to make edits to your site, simply call or email your dedicated Pulley rep, provide us with the required content and your instructions, and we’ll get started right away.


Get a report delivered straight to your inbox every month that tells you what your support rep has been up to, how many hours you’ve used, any rollover hours available, recommendations, and suggestions to further improve your site.


No hidden charges – you only pay for what you need.

Your plan is designed to include all costs necessary to keep your site healthy and give you the flexibility to have changes made to your site. The following three are scenarios where you may be charged or credited for additional work.