Our transition

We truly
appreciate you!

So this Holiday season, we wanted to show our gratitude, by introducing something special we’ve been working on and making you a promise.

Volum8 maintenance is now Pulley Support. An entirely new company with one sole purpose; to set the highest standard for support and maintenance of your website.

What happens next?

We’re switching everything over to Pulley for you, all you need to do is sign your new agreement (We provided a personal link to e-sign the agreement via your email).

We’ll need your signature in place before the New Year, so please reach out if you have any questions (or need the link again to e-sign)! Your contract will remain the same as it is currently, which is also outlined in our recent email.

Once you’ve signed off on the new agreement, your support manager will setup a call with you to go over in detail what you can expect from here on out. If you’re feeling proactive, you can setup the call here, when it is convenient for you.

Same friendly people.

You’ll still have access to the same folks you’ve gotten to know at Volum8, as well as our expanded core team at Pulley.

  • Ryan

    • Support Manager
    • (845) 202-2206 x0006
    • ryan.lim@pulleysupport.com
  • Nikki

    • Support Rep
    • (845) 202-2206 x3464
    • nikki.dombi@pulleysupport.com
  • Mahassin

    • Support Rep
    • (845) 202-2206 x9338
    • mahassin.poree.el@pulleysupport.com
  • Josh

    • Support Consultant
    • (845) 202-2206
    • josh@volum8.co
  • Dillon

    • Chief Technology Officer
    • (845) 202-2206 x0005
    • dillon.lomnitzer@pulleysupport.com
  • Great expectations

    Our promise is that you’ll never receive a rate increase, ever. As one of our first Pulley clients you’ll be grandfathered in at your current rate. (For as long as you remain on your current plan)

  • Improved service

    You’ll have more transparency into our processes and better accountability for your website performance and improvements.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this transition from Volum8 to Pulley, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Michael or Charlie directly.

  • Charlie Graham

    • Chief Executive Officer
    • (845) 202-2206 x0001
    • charles.graham@pulleysupport.com
  • Michael Smith

    • Chief Operating Officer
    • (845) 202-2206 x6453
    • michael.smith@pulleysupport.com