What to Expect from Pulley Out of the Box

How Pulley WordPress Support and Maintenance Works

Pulley’s Approach to WordPress Support

So you’ve delved into the murky waters of the internet looking for support services for your WordPress website and found some less-than-savory stuff. We get it. We’ve seen what’s out there and have lived through a few worst-case scenarios ourselves.

Trusting your website in someone else’s hands can be scary. That’s why Pulley was created, and why it’s our mission to provide proactive, responsive, and transparent support to all of our clients. In pursuit of that mission, we wanted to lay everything out on the table and give you the complete overview of what exactly to expect when you sign up with us.


What’s Included in Your WordPress Maintenance Plan

We aren’t here to nickel and dime you or surprise you with new fees out of nowhere. That’s why we just have one maintenance plan with different support tiers.

The maintenance of your website is 100% covered no matter which tier you sign up for.

That means all the routine maintenance your website needs from backups to security checks is covered. There are no “premium” plans that cover special features that “basic” plans leave out. And you don’t have to worry about upgrading or switching your plan because our recommendation engine is specially designed to set you up with the perfect plan from the outset based on the level of maintenance your website actually needs. You get a report that looks something like this:


All that changes between tiers is the amount of active support time you receive for special requests and customizations like theme, color, or font changes.

So as soon as you sign up with us, you can scratch plugin updates, theme changes, bug fixes, and website edits off of your to-do list. We even provide 24/7 WordPress monitoring so we can address unexpected issues as soon as they pop up.


What Happens After You Sign up for WordPress Support 


Meet Your Support Manager

Our team gets to work on your website as soon as you create your account and start your subscription to Pulley. We require a 6-month minimum subscription in order for your website to fully reap the benefits of being on the Pulley platform (you’ll see why in the Migration section).

Within 24 hours of signing up, you are assigned a dedicated support manager. They’ll review your website and set up a meeting with you on the next business day where they’ll get to know your needs and goals for your website.

Your support manager is your main point of contact and familiar face within Pulley for tickets and check-ins. They will set up regular check-in calls according to your schedule and will know your website inside and out.


Once you’ve met your support manager, we migrate your website from its current location to our platform. Migration is the process of preparing your website for our environment and the act of relocating it there.

It covers more than just moving your website though. It also includes much needed updates and optimization like removing vulnerable plug-ins, updating your WordPress core and theme versions, backing up site files, and more. Your website will see an immediate performance boost after migrating to our platform.

If you want to get technical, the migration process goes like this:

1. We create a new environment for your website in WPEngine.

2. We install and utilize a site migration plugin on your WP site. This takes care of all file and database migration to the newly created environment.

3. We point DNS (Domain) records at the WPEngine install. After a few minutes/hours of propagation the site will be live on WPEngine at this point. But it’s not the last step. This is also the first opportunity to QA the site in our environment.

4. We install an SSL Certificate to provide http encryption.

5. We QA the newly migrated site for any SSL Issues and give it a final once over before confirming completion with you.

In very rare cases, we may require a migration fee, though we are currently waiving any fees through May 1. On the flip side, we also offer discounts if your website is already in good condition and is a breeze to migrate.

Ongoing Maintenance

This is a short section because after your website is nice and cozy in its new home and you’ve met your support manager, you’re all set! 

We have routine maintenance covered and you can reach out to your support manager whenever you have questions or concerns in between your regular check-ins.

Your website becomes our responsibility, and you can rest easy knowing it’s in good hands.

Feel free to reach out with any other questions here. We’d love to hear from you!

You can also check out our other articles or our YouTube channel for more info on WordPress maintenance and some fun stuff, too.